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I started Make A Mark in 2016 because I wanted to do more meaningful work and be a part of a community of those doing meaningful work. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout this journey. And I realized that I need to do more. So I brought together my own personal strengths and paired them with those of my network. The pop up concept puts a twist on Pop Ups and Camp. After having traveled the world and calling major cities like New York, London, Paris + Bologna home, I brought the various cultural experiences that have influenced my development as a creator and mashed them up with my experiences within education and impact. I consider myself to be kind of like a chef but instead of food experiences we are creating unique learning experiences. And our clientele is not foodies or hungry bellies-- its KIDS!  

 MJ Batson with art tech students at the Make A Mark Center Summer Art Tech.
 Quick facts about MJ Batson

Quick facts about MJ Batson

It all started when…

Before I moved back to Nashville, I lived in New York City, Providence, London, and Italy. I went to Providence for college at Brown University. Up north is  where I realized the beauty in creating experiences and events and  the power of collaboration. I learned how to take an idea and run  with it. I also had my first real swing at leadership when I started a magazine and ran a staff of over 25 before I was even 22. And I learned a lot of lessons on how not to lead and the importance of community. I'm very grateful for the experiences and people that I met along that journey.

Whenever I could I created live music events, pop up community  events, and art experiences. I honed my creator skills and grew confident in my ability to go from ideation to execution. I also realized that I was happiest when I was working within my community and with youth or the elderly. So, whenever I could I would volunteer, teach and, ultimately try my best to be doing truly meaningful work. 

 MJ Batson, Founder of Make A Mark

My  pop up twist pulls on my experiences designing and creating live events and art experiences and my work within education. I have worked with kids and in education for over 13 years. I am a former math and arts educator who has worked in marketing and design as well. I am a community impact engineer committed to spreading joy and knowledge. Seeing the challenges and gaps in the education system first hand served as additional fuel to my social impact fire. Who says learning can't be fun? Who says all kinds of youth cannot be excited about learning? Who says learning has to be stale? At Make A Mark, we like our learning just like we like our food-- fresh! Enjoy S.T.E.A.M. based learning experiences designed in partnership with engineers and artists from around the globe (including Google and the NYT)-- all in unique locations around the Greater Nashville. There are limited seats available per experience for ages 5-14. I am so excited to share this concept here in Nashville. Summer @ Make A Mark opens for registration April 19th.


As a part of my commitment to community and equitable learning, for every SB Pop Up student we will donate a pop up seat/experience in one of our upcoming community pop up events to a student in an underserved community of Nashville one for one.

For more information please give us a call at 615.669.5384. And to hear some of what my past students and parents have to say click here!

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Testimonials + Reviews

Ms. Batson, I just want to let you know you have helped me so much and there is nobody like you. You let students believe in themselves and you work so hard. You worked so hard to develop my thinking. You are the best teacher no other teacher teaches like you. Please understand I love you and how much you have helped me. How much you cared for me and those who were struggling. You are a passionate teacher. I will try my best for you always. Just for you. These words come from the bottom of my heart. I used to hate math.
— Rana H., Student
 Ms. Batson with students
Ms. Batson thank you for teaching my daughter. You are an amazing teacher and the best I have ever seen. You care so much for your kids and that makes them try even harder. My daughter worked harder for you. And for that I am grateful.
— Mrs. Haidous, Parent
Ms. Batson I love you. You make math so fun.
— Rebecca P., Student
 Letter from student Duane to Ms. Mj Batson. "Dear Ms. Batson, Thank you for being awesome and helping us. I now have a dream thanks to you. Sincerely, Duane."
 Girl smiling with paint on hands
Dear Ms. Batson, [Thank You] for being awesome and helping us. I now have a dream thanks to you. Sincerely, Duane”
— -Duane J., Student
 MJ smiling with with two students 
Thank you so much for being my teacher.
— Paola L., Student
I love Art Tech!
— Atlas L., 1st Grader
 MJ Batson, founder of Make A Mark, with kids during the end of summer celebration. (The Make A Mark Center, Nashville)
You are so positive even when there isn’t too much positivity elsewhere. Thank you for caring so much for the students and volunteering so much of your time to tutor and help them.
— Kira S., Teacher
You are a great teacher.
— Abenezer B., Student
It is better to ask questions than to know all the answers. That’s a quote from you Ms. Batson.
— Israel V.
I love you Ms. Batson!
— Noor S., Student
I will never forget the fun I had in your class. I don’t want to get emotional so I am ending it here. Never forget I will always love you no matter what.
— Galilea B., Student
 Mj Batson, founder of Make A Mark, with kids doing balloon art experiment. (Make A Mark Center, Nashville)

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