Our MIssion

how dare we.


Dream to not only be amazing football players, basketball players, and laborers. Also dream to be scientists, engineers, creators, artists and coders to name a few. Dare to upset the lack of a cycle of generational wealth and write a new narrative that cultivates arts, culture, technology, education, and community. Dare opportunity and potential collide. Dare to make a mark. 

At the Make A Mark Center, we want each person that walks through our doors to feel engaged, encouraged, and connected. We want to leave the world a little better than we found it. And we do this by facilitating the collision of opportunity and potential. And we do so together, one community at a time. 

We are a women-owned social enterprise committed to sustainability.


MJ Signature.png

Mj Batson
CEO +Chief Cultural Officer, Make A Mark

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